Our Vision

The founders of bizcocity.com believe that economic progress can only grow hand in hand with positive social and environmental change. For us, Business Comes First - but with an eye to the long term. Without a healthy planet, there cannot truly be a healthy economy.

Understanding the larger context within which the economy exists, we are committed to economic and community growth. And as our business grows, so too will grow opportunities to give back.

While our overall goal is positive global change, we know that Real Change Happens Locally. And so, everything we do is city-centric, giving back to the communities in which we do business.

bizcocity.com is a comprehensive marketplace solution for connecting individuals and ideas for the purpose of developing, growing and starting businesses and social ventures. As a virtual incubator for social projects and businesses, bizcocity.com is the place where creatives meet individuals and investors with the skills, knowledge and resources to take their ideas to the next level.  Buyers and sellers of businesses deeply value our marketplace, which has added emphasis on features for brokers and other intermediaries who facilitate business connections and transactions. Seven percent of our site’s revenue is allocated to supporting local sustainability projects in each city that we are active in.

We invite you to use and actively participate in our online idea marketplace for the same reason that you might choose to buy fair-trade coffee – with one difference: our services do not come at a premium price.

The bottom line is that bizcocity.com facilitates local business and social venture creation and transactions while empowering and supporting communities to work toward a more sustainable future. Join us and help make a real difference!